Spring Soccer Season Has Started

Aria C., Sports Writer

Spring soccer season has started at Staten Island Academy (SIA). Students from 5th grade to 8th grade are participating. The soccer season’s started in early March and will continue to the end of the school year. Coach Bob is the coach for both the 5/6th team and 7/8th team and is excited to start off a new season. The 7/8th team has been successful so far with 5 wins and 1 loss.

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Behind the Scenes with Coach Kelsey

Aria C., Sports News

Coach Kelsey is the seventh and eighth grade girls’ basketball team coach. This is her first year coaching the team. But coaching isn’t the only thing she does. She also played for St. Joseph Hill women’s varsity team in high school and for Fairfield University in college. In addition, she played for one year in Ireland after college. She’s currently the all-time leading women scorer in Staten Island high school basketball history.

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What Happened to Baseball?

Anthony G., Sports Writer

As the baseball season was approaching, baseball players were anxious because we didn’t know who would be our coach. After baseball season started, we were told that due to the lack of players, there would not be a seventh and eighth baseball team. A baseball team needs at least nine people to play and there were just eight students in the seventh and eighth grades who wanted to play baseball.

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