New Students and Teachers Join the School this Year

Michael Q., School News

Seventeen new faces joined the Staten Island Academy (SIA) family this year. There is a total of 13 new students and 4 new teachers in the middle school. This article introduces three new teachers and one new student from each grade. 

Ms. Kaskel is one of the new members of our guidance department.  Ms. Kaskel originally wanted to be a physical therapist but chose to switch to phycology because she liked watching her patients grow. Her favorite part of working at SIA is getting to know the students. Ms. Kaskel describes SIA as a nice learning environment. Her advice to future new staff members, “get ready to be busy”. 

Another member of our guidance team is Ms. Metz. Ms. Metz. enjoys working with kids and has always wanted to be a counselor. She decided to come to SIA because it was a place that allowed the students to have a voice. Her advice to future new staff members is “take the job”.  

Mr. Blanchard may be new to teaching, but he’s not new to SIA. He is a former student who was a lifer at the school. Mr. Blanchard majored in finance at Boston College, but he always knew he would become a teacher. He loves helping his students and recognizing their talents. He felt like SIA would be the perfect place to do that. Although he finds it difficult to watch students struggle, he likes that they seem eager to do their best. Mr. Blanchard feels that the best part of working at SIA is that it doesn’t seem like a job. He is grateful to be able to work at such a happy and family-oriented place. His advice to future new teachers is “Give the students a chance to showcase their skills”.  

Salvatore C. is a 7th grader who came from New Dorp Christian Academy.  Sal decided to come to this school because he often saw it when he was in the car.  Unlike his old school, SIA has a soccer field, a gym, a lunchroom, and a swimming pool. Although Sal said it was hard to leave his friends, he was excited to start a new adventure at SIA. Although his life has not changed much, he does miss his friends from his old school. Sal’s advice to future new students is “stay humble.”  

Ben K. is a 6th grader who came from PS# 53. Ben finds SIA to be a little different from his old school. There are lockers, students get “break”, have a longer lunch, and a longer school day. The hardest part of coming to a new school was making new friends and getting all the materials. Ben felt “new” on his first day because he didn’t know anyone. He feels that his life did change because he has more homework and had to learn how to manage his time. He misses his friends and teachers, but his advice to future new students is “it’s not scary.”   

Sofie B. is a 5th grader from PS# 254. Sofie came to SIA because her family moved.  The hardest part of leaving her old school was leaving her friends. Sofie was scared on the first day, but over time she made new friends and learned how to use the school lockers. She misses her teachers and friends, but the advice she would give to future new students is “you will love this school.”  

Owen S. came from the United Nations International School (UNIS) but decided to come to SIA because he thought that SIA was much better than his old school and had more activities and classes. Owen said that this school is more “politicly neutral” and bigger. Coming to a new school wasn’t that hard and he felt welcome on his first day. Owen says he misses his math teacher, but he feels smarter at SIA. The advice he’d give to future new students is “the students are nice.”