Fall Sports at the Academy

Erica M., Sports  

Staten Island Academy middle school students are headed into the end of successful soccer, and volleyball seasons this week. Grade 5-6 soccer had a solid 3-3 season.  Grade 7-8 soccer had a stellar 8-3 record with one game left to go.  Volleyball may have lost most of their games, but they had a solid season with five the new 7th graders and three new 8th graders joining the team.  

Fall sports take place from mid-September to early November. Middle school students can take part in these fun activities. This includes a girls 7th-8th grade volleyball team coached by Ms. Puttick and two co-ed soccer teams (one 7th and 8th and one 5th and 6th) coached by Coach Robert (Bob). Practices are held during Physical Education (PE) class and games are held either during the weekends or weekdays.  

The soccer teams played most of their games away either at Owl Hollow or Miller Field (local soccer fields) on the weekends. The 7th and 8th grade team also participates in an independent league. Games are usually held in other private schools or our school on weekdays.  

The volleyball team has all their games after school on the weekdays. Sometimes the team is playing at SIA or traveling to other schools. Fall sports are a great way to start the year off. It’s amazing how SIA has many kids active and willing to participate and commit to these activities.  

This year we were lucky to have many seventh graders join the sports teams at SIA. Mikel A. is one of the seventh graders who joined the soccer team this year. He was excited to play on the team since he is a fan of soccer. His older brothers played on the same team when they were his age, so he has a legacy to support. One of the main reasons he decided to join was because of “the people who make up the team.” He has a lot of friends on the team who get closer with each other during practices and games, especially with all the teamwork that goes on at practices and on the field at games. He also joined the team because of Coach Bob. He is a great coach and he teaches a lot throughout the season. His only wish was that the team spend more time playing actual games at practice instead of so many drills. Mikel is looking forward to challenges like going up against hard teams this season.   

Many 8th graders decided to return to volleyball (and soccer) this year. One of this year’s veterans is Abby M. She has been on the team since she was in seventh grade and enjoyed it so much that he decided to do the sport again. She joined this year since she “loved playing” and there are great people on the team. Everybody is “really supportive of each other.” Abby thinks Ms. Puttick is a very good coach and explains ways to improve their technique. Something that Abby is looking forward to is learning how to overhand serve or side-arm serve this season.  

Ms. Puttick has been coaching the girls 7th and 8th volleyball team for about 25 years, to say the least. She played volleyball for a year in college. She says that this year’s team is “very enthusiastic” and have improved drastically from the first day of practice. She says that the girls “work together nicely,” nobody hogs the ball too much. A tip Ms. Puttick gives to succeed in any sport especially volleyball is that you must “move your feet” and never give up.  

Along with the 7th and 8th grade soccer team there is a 5th and 6th grade soccer team as well. Coach Bob coaches both teams. Bianca B is a returning member of the soccer team. She is in sixth grade and takes pride in playing this sport.  She joined the team because she wanted to participate in sports. She loves the excitement that she gets during the games. Bianca loves to have Coach Bob coaching the team; he teaches them a lot.