Spring Soccer Season Has Started

Aria C., Sports Writer

Spring soccer season has started at Staten Island Academy (SIA). Students from 5th grade to 8th grade are participating. The soccer season’s started in early March and will continue to the end of the school year. Coach Bob is the coach for both the 5/6th team and 7/8th team and is excited to start off a new season. The 7/8th team has been successful so far with 5 wins and 1 loss.  

Erica M. is one of the many new players joining the team. She is currently on the 7/8th soccer team. She is excited for the team because soccer is a new sport that she hasn’t played before on a team. Erica M. is on the varsity swim team at SIA. She said that swimming is different than soccer because swim is more individual while soccer is more of a team sport. Also, in swim, there is no physical contact at all, unlike soccer. Erica likes the team because it’s not a huge team, so everyone gets a chance to play. ` 

McKenzie M. is one of the many returning players on the 5/6th grade team. McKenzie M. joined the team because she had an interest in soccer. She also likes to play soccer with her friends because it makes it more fun. “Soccer is more of a team sport because you have to help each other out to win,” she said. Soccer sometimes does make her have to switch her schedule to attend games. But the games are worthwhile. In her perspective Coach Bob is a good coach and the drills and fundamental things the players go over in practice really help in games. McKenzie M. would like to stay on the team next year as well because over time the sport has become more interesting to her.  

Nicholas A. is also a returning player on the 5/6th grade soccer team. He has played on a travel team as well as the school’s team. He believes the team will be different this year because there are new players and more people now understand the game. He chose to play on the school team because it would help him be a better teammate and a better soccer player in general. One of the most exciting things in soccer for him is scoring goals and sometimes just the excitement of playing the game. Nicholas A. believes that soccer is more of an individual sport than a team sport. He believes that because not a lot of the people on the team fully understand the game, so it is sometimes left up to you. Nicholas A. is thinking about returning to the team next year but because of bigger commitments, he may not be able too.  

Sebastien G. is on the 7/8th grade soccer team. He has been playing soccer for Staten Island Academy since 5th grade. Sebastien G. has stayed on the soccer team for so long because the team is fun, and it helps him bond with his friends. He also thinks that you get a certain type of excitement when you play soccer that makes you want to keep going.  He believes this year is different from the other years because of the competition and because he has more experience. He also wants to join the high school soccer team in future years because it will be challenging and could be a good experience. In Sebastien G.’s perspective Coach Bob is a great coach and he has great placement on the field and makes sure the team stays organized. Coach Bob has been Sebastien G.’s coach since he first started on the soccer team in 5th grade. Soccer is a big commitment for him because he has conflicts that interfere with the games.  Soccer is different than other sports Sebastien G.  has played because there are more people on the field and there is more running than other sports.