Behind the Scenes of Washington D.C.

Erica M., School News

On March 13th– March 15th, 7th grade students went on an overnight trip to Washington D.C. for two nights. Each year the 7th grade class go one this trip, for it is a school tradition and every time kids and teachers come back with their own point of view on how the trip went. For a lot of people this was their first time going on an overnight trip with Staten Island Academy (SIA). Teachers that went on the trip where very happy with it overall, new students were surprised and joyful with how much they learned and the old students where pleased with the trip but had some criticism.   

The teachers that chaperoned on this year’s trip were Mr. Falcone, Mr. Shanley Sr. and Ms. Watson. Mr. Shanley Sr. has been on the Washington trip with the 7th graders numerous times, but this was Ms. Watson’s first time going on this trip with SIA and never has been in Washington D.C before. Mr. Shanley Sr. always enjoyed going on this trip, and he has a lot of fun with interacting with the kids and learning something new every time he goes there. In his opinion, Mount Vernon, which is a tourist site where President George Washington’s house lays, was his favorite attraction because it showed the effort and the amount of time put into running the plantation in Mount Vernon. One thing that he would’ve added to the trip was to see the house of representatives or supreme court to see a case in session. 

Ms. Watson also enjoyed the trip. One of the most memorable experiences on this trip was Mount Vernon. She thought it was important to see “how the slaves lived” and it was fun to see George Washington’s house. Ms. Watson learned that there are a large number of museums and tourist attractions throughout Washington, since she has never been there prior to the trip. She says that “Yes, I would definitely go on this trip again” but she did have some suggestions to make the trip more enjoyable. Instead of running around from museum to museum, she hopes to narrow it down and spend more time at each location. Also, the African American Museum in Washington D.C is another museum Ms. Watson would’ve gladly added to the list of places to go.

There are many students in the 7th grade that have been on an overnight trip with SIA before. One of them is Cora M, came to SIA in sixth grade which means she had the pleasure of going to Boston last year. She claims that the trip format was mostly the same, but it was historically different. Last year was all about the American-Revolution and this year’s trip was all about World War Two. The most memorable experience she had on this trip was the first touring site she saw when she went into Washington, which was the Holocaust Museum. Cora says that it was “very emotional” and she has a close connection to the event. Also, she learned so much from the Museum overall, and never realized that the conflict was that horrific. All in all, Cora had an amazing trip, she felt “independent” and “free” to explore anything she wanted to. Her advice is to make the best of the trip, since it is only a few days.  

There are also people that are new to the school and have never been on an overnight trip with SIA before, like Andy Z. Andy claims that overall it was a great trip because  he got to “hang out with my classmates” and he got to stay in a room with his peers overnight. It also was especially interesting to him since he had never been in Washington before. One of the highlights of the trip was the Air and Space Museum and he enjoyed the play they saw, Sheer Madness. He learned a lot of new and exciting facts from the Lincoln Memorial and learned a lot about American history all throughout the trip. Andy would go on the trip again and says that you should pay attention to the smaller details. He also claimed that “it was a really good experience” and he had a memorable time there.