What Happened to Baseball?

Anthony G., Sports Writer

As the baseball season was approaching, baseball players were anxious because we didn’t know who would be our coach. After baseball season started, we were told that due to the lack of players, there would not be a seventh and eighth baseball team. A baseball team needs at least nine people to play and there were just eight students in the seventh and eighth grades who wanted to play baseball. Students are still very excited to play baseball in the future. In middle school a lot of students haven’t played baseball or softball before. Most students on the baseball team haven’t played baseball before such as Tony L., Andy W. and Sebastien G.. I interviewed them in order to know what they think about baseball, why they are interested in this game and what they want to do to practice in the future. 

Andy W. in the eighth grade hasn’t played baseball before. He chose baseball because he thought baseball is good for his health and he wanted to try something new. He had no idea about how baseball works: he thought baseball was people using bats to beat each other. He wanted to play matches with his friends during the practicing. He thought that will help him get familiar to baseball quickly. Andy W. was looking forward to hitting the ball. 

I also interviewed Sebastien G. in the seventh grade. Although he hasn’t played baseball either, he also wanted to try baseball for the same reason as Andy W.: he wanted to experience a new sport. He hoped he could play with his friends and learn baseball skills at the same time. He wanted to learn how to get better at his accuracy at throwing and hand eye coordination.  

Tony L. in seventh grade was looking forward to playing baseball. He hasn’t played baseball before also. He wanted to try baseball because he thought baseball is fun and he wanted to try a new sport. He also wanted to lose weight. He thought baseball would be helpful for him to lose weight because he needs to run a lot in the game. He knew something about baseball and he wanted to learn more. For example, he wanted to know how to catch the baseball correctly and he wanted to practice running. 

A lot of students don’t know much about baseball, so it is important to have a baseball team to help them learn more about this sport.