SIA Hosts the 8th Annual Talent Show!

Daniel R., School News 

Eight years ago, the talent show tradition was created. The Talent Show is a family friendly night, where students can come support their peers who show a variety of talents. They stretch from singing to dancing. Even a little of both in some cases. The annual show happens in January and continues to happen yearly. 

This arrangement of all sorts of talent was originally organized by Ms. Rizzo, and still is today.  The show was also partially produced, alongside Ms. Rizzo, by Luna Wang and Samantha Trimboli, the SAC presidents. Also Ms. Corigliano was the MC (Master of ceremonies) She told jokes as well as announced the variety of acts. 

Many people saw the show this year and previous years. One student, Aria C. said that she liked last year’s show better because of the extensive number of acts. This year’s show did not exceed an hour and a half and did not take last-minute acts.  

Among the numerous acts of this show, Nicole R. was one of the performers. She sang both this year and last year. Although she very much liked last year’s show, Nicole preferred this year’s show for various reasons. Many more people signed up this year, while last year, people did not sign up until the show was already in play. She liked how this year’s show was a lot more organized. Nicole said this on the show, “This year the talent show was very well done. It was organized and had a lot of good performances.” 

Overall, this year’s performance captured a lot of people’s attention with its organization and flashy performances.