Middle School Dance Gone Right

By Penelope Elgort, School News

Were you at the Middle School (M.S.) dance?  The M.S. dance is when all the Middle Schoolers and some teachers and advisors come together in the winter, in the lunchroom, on Friday and dance! The M.S. dance, held on February 8, 2019 in the Commons, had a theme this year of “black-out,” meaning the students were to wear all black.  According to Ms. Rizzo, there is a dance in the middle of winter because winter is not usually something to look forward to, but the dance makes winter somewhat better before spring hits. According to the 7 and 8 Journalism class, everyone loved the dance.

People liked the 2019 M.S. dance better than 2018 M.S. Dance because there were more people there, the dance was free, there was a better DJ. The DJ played the songs the people requested. The snack bar had a variety and an abundant number of snacks, including soda, chips and ring pops. . Since there was a Pre-Dinner from 6-7pm people were not hungry. According to Aria C, the pre-dinner had penne pasta with vodka sauce, pizza, chicken tenders and fries. The only criticism was there were no games this year. 

Who helped plan the dance? The M.S. SIA Student Government planned the M.S. 2019 dance. According to Ms. Rizzo, “The Middle School sponsored the dance for snacks, the DJ and decorations.” She said the student government voted on between 7-10 ideas for the theme, and the idea that won the greatest number of votes was “black-out”.  The Pillarella and Sciarrino family sponsored the dance pre dinner which was before the dance started.  According to Mrs. Rizzo, Ms. Puttick and Ms. Pfister always go to Party City to buy decorations for the dance and the Barbara family sponsored the snacks. The decorations at the dance were colored balloons, fairy lights and neon colored table cloth.