Model Congress Works Hard

By Erica M., School News

Ever thought about creating your own bills from SCRATCH? Making topics, researching information and working hard to present in a competition? Working your butt off to take home the win? There are many fun electives that you may choose when you get to seventh and eighth grade. One of them is Model Congress. This is an elective where you can challenge yourself by creating your own bills and presentations. The students create their own bills, then share with the class. When they have their final bills, the class takes a trip to Packer Colgate Institute to present their complete pieces to all the other schools participating and the judges. In this elective working hard is a habit, but it all pays of at the end.

Many people have different opinions about this elective. Mary T. in the seventh grade, thinks this elective is interesting, because you can create and choose your own topic and do your thing unlike other classes where subjects are usually given to you. Her topic is on the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questionable) community. But even though she likes the class she is nervous for the trip in May with Mr. Falcone to Packer Collegiate Institute. She even says “Words do not describe how scared I am.” Since this is her first time doing this elective, she’s never felt the feeling of presenting to many different kids all at once. Otherwise, she believes her topic is good enough to present and is a topic that means a lot to her. Erin S. in the eighth grade says that she was nervous last year but now she knows how and what to expect. As an eighth grader she is one of the oldest I the committee. Alissar D. in the eighth grade is previous winner of the special medal (won the whole championship) she not new to this elective and chose it for a second time in a row since she loves debating. She states, “I like questioning what their answers are.” This elective suit her perfectly. She gets to do what she enjoys (debating) while learning and researching different topics or ideas.

Throughout the class many people have learned different things. Leo M. in the seventh grade learned how to develop formal research and create new topics.

He also states that he “learned to combine research into a well- formed speech”. Mostly in this elective you get to learn from your peers and classmates. When students present to the class their peers grade them on a worksheet and really listen to them and understand what they’re saying. Over all the class is in the drafting stage of revising and editing their drafts of the bills. Some people move faster or have easier topics then others. Mary T. (in the seventh grade) came into the class knowing mostly nothing about model congress but as the year progressed her skills developed and now, she is writing and drafting her very own bill. Allisar D. in the eighth grade learned how to represent all the different pros and cons with many subjects and topics.

The class will take a trip to Packer Collegiate Institute on May, 18th, 2019 with Mr. Falcone.