Save Your Internet

By Lily T., Opinion

What is Article 13? For those of you who aren’t aware, Article 13 is a law that was approved by Congress to further enhance the already existing copyright laws for the internet. Websites that will be affected include YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Critics suggest that those platforms, as well as others, will have to pay to share an article link and begin to filter out memes by removing them. I believe this would negatively affect students because of the content that’s being taken away from them.  

This law controls what people can share on the internet such as music, film or shows without consent from the producers of the content. Many people have been concerned about this law, the firms, CEO Susan Wojcicki says “Article 13 could put the creative economy of creators and artists around the world at risk.”  

This mostly applies to Europe, but it still has a major effect on the internet in general. Content creators from the UK could be at risk when uploading if their content contains any copyright material. They will have to pay a fee when adding in memes, and GIFS or anything outside of original. This could be a downfall for artists and anyone whose job is creating things on the internet. It also has an effect on the people who support these artists but are prohibited from viewing any of the artists content.  

If Article 13 is in full effect, YouTube especially will be liable for all the copyright infringement on its platform. This will be a huge financial issue for YouTube and its creators because there’s tons of plagiarism being posted on their platform constantly. Article 13 affects many creators who create music, review shows/films by prohibiting any copyrighted content to be uploaded. Because of how risky it is to allow Youtubers in the EU to upload, YouTube may have to decide to block content and prevent anyone to upload ever again.   

Unfortunately, a huge portion of the music industry supports this law because it will prohibit anyone from stealing their content. In fact, many people who have been voting for Article 13 to be passed don’t know the consequences it will have on major platforms. Article 13 was not even supposed to cause damage, instead, it was supposed to “balance the gap between artists and platforms when getting paid online while also protecting their copyrighted material.” So, when you first look at it, this looks great! It’s protecting work and helping these artists gain more money, which gives the music industry justice for why they are supporting it.  

If you haven’t comprehended how this article could affect you and the student body, I want to remind you that this law makes the copyright laws on the entire internet stricter. Also finding information from within the EU can be harder to find because of the restrictions on what can be posted.