Overwatch 2018 Archives

Written by Phineas L.

When  the game Overwatch first came out on May 24, 2016, I didn’t think that I would enjoy it. However, after purchasing it and playing it with my friends, it quickly became one of my favorite games of all time. This game managed to stay relevant and popular for a while and continued to thrive. I wrote a very positive review when I played it regularly. However, I got different games and so did my friends, and Overwatch was played by us less and less. Recently, however, I decided to return to playing Overwatch.

On April 10th, a new season for Overwatch came out called “Archives.”  This update added new costumes for the characters. Unlike most added skins that are seasonally themed, such as Halloween and Christmas skins, these skins are based off of the lore and backstory of Overwatch. When this update first came out last year, I was very excited that we would be getting lore-related skins. The reason I liked this is because after the seasonal event ends, the skins become irrelevant in my opinion. Personally, I just find it odd seeing a Christmas skin during the Summer Games. Therefore, I think that since the skins are lore- related, they don’t become irrelevant.

As stated above, this event is lore-related, so all of the skins have nods to the game’s and character’s past. It also includes past events. Last year, there was an event called Kings Row Uprising. You played on a team of four heroes. A small detail that in my opinion gets overlooked is that when playing this event, all four characters have their Uprising skins on. It doesn’t matter too much, but it helps with immersion. The story is that a robot extremist group rose up and rebelled against the peaceful city of Kings Row, London: a group of three Overwatch veterans and one rookie. They have you fight off an onslaught of robots called Omnics in the terrorist group Null Sector while completing objectives. This was an extremely exciting and enjoyable event due to the awesome and lore-related skins and the Uprising event in general. It was a blast to play.

Therefore, when I heard recently about Uprising and a brand new Archives event, I was very excited. This event is about the Black Ops unit of Overwatch called “Blackwatch.” This event consists of four different characters than last time. The event is about Blackwatch going on a mission to kidnap and interrogate a criminal business man who deals weapons. Instead of kidnapping him, the leader of the group kills him. This triggers the alarms, and soldiers for a terrorist group called Talon have to stop them. The team of four have to fight through a city in Venice to get picked up by a pilot. Unlike Uprising, Retribution had less objective play and more fighting. Overall, this event was extremely fun and I really enjoyed playing it with my friends. I overall can’t decide if I liked Retribution or Uprising more than one another because they were both a blast. In my opinion, whatever Uprising was lacking Retribution had and whatever Retribution did badly with Uprising exceled at. Overall both of these little game modes were amazing.

As stated above, this year’s event came with nine really awesome story related skins. I overall liked the concept of these skins because of the  already mentioned “year-round” capability. The skins last year were very satisfactory and a great addition to the game. This is because most of the past or vanilla skins don’t relate to the character’s lore, so seeing skins that both look amazing and relate to the character’s story was great. The skins last year were very awesome, but the skins the second time were even better.  A common theme last year was the introduction of skins related to the Uprising event. Characters got Null Sector and Classic Overwatch skins. This year, however, most added skins don’t relate to the Retribution event. Skins are simply from a certain character’s past. In my opinion, I like this because it

All in all,  the Overwatch Archives event is a very enjoyable. This event excelled in terms of the skins and the game modes were expertly crafted and fun to play. Overall, the Overwatch Archives Event has become one of my favorite annual events.