Game Review: Animal Crossing


Written by Maya B.

Recently, I’ve been getting into a game called Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The game came out on November 8th, 2012, which means I got it nearly 6 years after it first came out. The game focuses on you, a new mayor of a town, and your secretary Isabelle. Isabelle is a Shih Tzu dog, and she will help you along the way as you become a well-known mayor in your town. I started the game on February 10th, 2018. Coincidentally, that is my birthday! When I first started the game, I had five villagers in my town. These five villagers were Nate, a bear who has a lazy personality, Cookie, a dog with a peppy personality, Lyman, a koala with a jock personality, Astrid, a kangaroo with a snooty personality, and Alice, another koala with a normal personality. 

Later, I got five new villagers, over the course of about two months. The last five who have moved in are Shari, a monkey that’s an uchi type, Rodney, a hamster with a smug type, Angus, a bull with a cranky type, Sparro, a bird with a jock type, and lastly, Hamphrey, a hamster with a cranky type. Out of these ten villagers, my favorite is Astrid. 

Villagers in Animal Crossing are, in my opinion, the largest part of the game, because they give you a reason to play. Villagers are NPCs (Non-Player Characters), which mean you cannot control them, but the game does. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there are a total of 399 villagers in the game, and these Villagers are animals. There are 35 species of animals in all the Animal Crossing games. Here is a list of the species: Alligators, Anteaters, Dogs, Ducks, Cats, Mice, Bears, Birds, Bulls, Eagles, Elephants, Octopi, Ostriches, Frogs, Penguins, Chickens, Cows, Cubs, Goats, Gorillas, Rabbits, Rhinos, Hamsters, Hippos, Horses, Sheep, Squirrels, Deer, Kangaroos, Koalas, Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, Pigs, and Wolves. You can only have a maximum of ten villagers in your town at once, but you start with five. Every villager has one of eight personalities.  

These are the personalities: Cranky, Lazy, Jock, Smug, Normal, Uchi, Peppy, and Snooty. Cranky villagers have a personality of being older than other villagers in the town, they will also complain about other villagers. Snooty villagers will seem conceited, they are also mature, like Cranky villagers, but they will gossip sometimes about other villagers. Lazy villagers will talk about sleeping and eating a lot, and they get along with other villagers very well. Uchi villagers act like tomboyish girls. Peppy villagers will always be excited to speak with the player, as they are almost always happy and talkative. Normal villagers are very nice and sweet to everyone. Smug villagers may also come off as vain or self-absorbed, but they are also nice. 

If you have less than ten villagers in your town, new ones will move in over time. If you have ten, the maximum amount allowed in a town, some will want to move away. They will come to you, telling you the day they’ll leave. You can choose to say yes or no to them moving. If you want them to move and you say yes, they will move away from the town on the day they said they would, but they could also change their mind before that date and stay. If you don’t want them to leave and you say no, they will either stay until they want to leave again or move away anyway.  

Next, I will talk about Bells, and how to get them. Bells are the only currency in the game, besides Medals, and MEOW Coupons, which we will get to later. When you hold 100-900 bells in your inventory, they will show up as coins with a little number showing how many you have. When you hold 1,000-99,000 bells, they will show up in a little pouch with a star on it. The maximum number of bells you can hold in one inventory space is 99,000. Some ways you can get bells is to fish by going to the lake or the beach. You can also pick up shells at the beach and sell them as well. You can also get bells by getting fruit. When you first start the game, you will have 1 type of fruit, your native fruit. They will be either peaches, apples, cherries, oranges, or pears. You can shake the trees and get the fruits and sell them. If they are not native to your town you can sell them for more bells. Lastly, I will talk about MEOW coupons. You can get these by fulfilling quests, for example, fishing for a certain type of fish. If you finish a quest, you will get 1-3 coupons. You can either trade these coupons for bells (3,000 bells each) or go to the campsite, which is where special villagers will be in an RV and you can buy the furniture displayed in the RV. These RVs cycle every day. 

In my opinion, I like the game, and I enjoy developing my town and taking care of it, just like a real mayor would. If you like games where you manage things like towns or cities, or like animals, then this game is for you and I highly recommend it.