Riverdale Review

Written by Grace K.

The show Riverdale is about four teens Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones and Veronica Lodge who are trying to figure out who killed Jason Blossom. This show is filled with mystery and suspense. The second season is about who shot and almost killed Archie’s father Fred Andrews. The group tries to solve the mystery of who the black hood is all while juggling other problems. About mid-season 2 the black hood is discovered. But that’s not all; Betty finds her long lost brother Charles, Southside High closes and new relationships develop. But is this really enough to keep the show on for more episodes to come and maybe another season? 

While the season will continue for another 7 episodes or so, the questions remain: are new relationships, a long-lost brother, and a few Southside serpents coming over to Riverdale High good enough to keep viewers interested? What do Riverdale viewers think? After interviewing Charlotte S. ’23 and Erin S. ’23, it is inconclusive. The two have very differing opinions. After asking the following questions it was pretty clear that Charlotte loved the show, but Erin did not. I started off by asking Erin if she liked the show and she said, “I used to, I found it interesting but now the plot is being stretched.” However, Charlotte said that she does like the show “because it’s very suspenseful and intriguing.” Then I went on to more specific questions like who your favorite character is. Erin felt that “Fred Andrews is the best because he is the only one with common sense, and Cheryl, also Jason because he doesn’t do anything.” There are some, like Charlotte who really love the show and are excited for it to come back on. I asked Charlotte if she wanted it to come back on. She said, “Yes. It is one of my favorite shows.” 

But the final most important question is: Do you want a new season?  The answer for this was obvious. Of course, Charlotte wanted a new season because she loves Riverdale. She said, “I love this show so much, I am hoping for a new season.” For Erin, the plot twists are not enough: “It should’ve been a one season show.”  

What new things are in store for this season? Watch Wednesdays at 9:00 to find out.