Spring is in the Wings

Spring is around the corner, and SIA is excited! On March 20th, Spring officially begins . With Grade 7/8 Baseball/Softball Season about to begin, students are eagerly waiting for the temperature to rise. Spring holds the most extra-curricular potential for students because of all of the many available sports’ teams to try out for.

The imminent Grade 7/8 musical production, “13,” is also causing much excitement in the middle school due to the legacy that precedes it. Students are about to begin rehearsing for roles, and auditions are underway.

Coaches are busy organizing the Boys’ Baseball Team, and the Girls’ Softball Team. SIA is looking forward to an amazing season.

Many students are preparing for the baseball and softball seasons, both as new players, and people who played last year. This year’s eighth grade is eager to get onto the baseball field, because they will be playing for much longer each game, as they didn’t have the chance to in seventh grade. This is the eighth grade’s final year as “Top Dogs” until twelfth grade, as seniors.

Many seventh and eighth grade girls are looking forward to the upcoming lacrosse season. Playing with the high school, the girls have a chance to know what it feels like to be on a varsity team. Practices have started one week ahead of schedule, so the girls have an advantage for the season already. They are extremely excited for their first game which will be occurring in a few weeks, and are working hard towards winning it.

Spring is definitely in the wings!