Nature’s Classroom Adventure

When SIA’s Grade 8 returned from Nature’s Classroom, many said that this trip was something that they will never forget. It was one of the best times that they’d had in their lives.
“Such beautiful views that were hidden in the country, were things I can’t possibly forget. I got closer to a few people in the class that I don’t always talk to, and I found that there is more beauty in nature than I realized. Playing dodge ball at night with my entire class, was a great experience. All of the flying colors through the night gave me such a thrill, I really loved this trip, and hope that others can experience it as well.”-Shawn K.
“I not only built bridges of rope, but strengthened the bridges of friendship with my closest friend Maxine V. I realized through this trip that nature has a lot more in store than I thought it did. I like hiking much more than I did before, and playing dodge ball with my entire grade, so much more fun than worrying about what I would look like.”-Sophia M.
“As I saw the rocket that I had built with-my new close friend Shay-
fly through the night, it lit up the surrounding darkness. It looked really cool as it was on its way back down to the earth. It gave me a really warm feeling to know that Shay and I had worked well together to create one of the highest flying rockets that were launched that night. It was then that I realized that it was the best trip I had been on in the middle school. I love basketball, but playing basketball with people who I didn’t usually play with was a new, fun experience. This trip produced nothing, but good for our grade.”-Zack Z.
“While on the trip, my friend TJ was assigned to my room. I was already friends with TJ at the time, but when we were going to our rooms for the night during the trip, we stayed up and talked and bonded. TJ and I talked a lot, and I really got to know him. I really loved this trip, and hope that someday maybe I can go back.”-Lawrence S.
“When I was on the night hike, we all lay down on the beach and stared up at the stars. It was then that I realized that there were other ways of communicating with one another, besides talking through technology.”-Morinsola M.
Grade 8 had a great time during Nature’s Classroom and these memories will last forever.