Celebrating The New Year!

As 2014 began to wind down, students looked forward to the holiday break from school. They anticipated the gifts that they’d receive and all of those candy canes waiting to be eaten from their trees!

The holidays at SIA are a time of reflection, and a pause from the busy life at school. It is a time of happiness and love, a season of celebration, and a time to be thankful for not only the things that you may have received, but for the people who gave them. This holiday season, students looked forward to a new self.

Students returned to school relaxed from the pressures of educational life, and have fresher minds to learn and absorb all of the crucial information to be learned.

Here at SIA, we celebrated the holidays by having a school wide assembly, decorating the Commons and hearing our beloved Mr. Ahern act in the role of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas! SIA acknowledged the fact that not everyone celebrated the same holiday, so we decorated the commons for Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Chinese New Year, and Diwali. The holidays at SIA were a great experience for students, and they really showed strong family and community at SIA.

After the break, all of SIA returned with memories and experiences made during the holiday season. Though Monday was a little hectic, there was a joyous feeling in the air. A feeling of renewal from the New Year, and new goals that had been set for the rest of the school year. We had 2 new students in the eighth grade, and they quickly made friends with the SIA community and are now strolling the halls with friends, as if they’d been here for years. The New Year has truly strengthened the SIA community, and has given it a life of its own