Rhyming Antics

My name is Damola

I drink Coca-Cola

Most of you think I drive a Toyota

But I really have motorola and drive a Corolla,

I like eating granola bars,

Like workers taking roads off of tars,

I wasn’t born in Minnesota,

But I that is where I watched GI Joe

Rise of the Cobra,

Rhyming is easy, but I just brush off my shoulder

Got hit by a boulder

With posters saying I just got out of a coma

Most of my friends call me a high roller or a solar

Power energy source for the gondola or a nova


It think this rhyme has gone too far,

In order for me not to waste your time,

I’ll finish rhyming with one last line,

My name is Dr. Dez

And I’m aiming to be Prez.