IPhone 6

There has been much talk of a new phone being released by Apple known as the iPhone 6. This is the newest addition to the iPhone family and it has made the biggest size difference out of all of the ones that have previously been released. However, there has been much controversy as to whether or not people should buy the latest iPhones because they are so widely believed to “always be the same”.

Disproving that opinion, the IPhone 6 has had the largest camera, screen size, and battery life changes of any other iPhone. The IPhone 6 screen is .7 inches larger than that of the iPhone 5s, and the iPhone 6plus is 1.5 inches larger. IPhones in general have begun to get larger in size, as the iPhone 6+ has now fallen into phablet territory. The iPhone 6+ has up to 12 hours of continuous internet use on the battery, and up to 14 hours of continuous video playback. The iPhone 6 only has 10-11 hours of continuous internet use, and 12-13 hours of video playback.

Alongside the release of the IPhone 6, there has been another release from Apple, known as the Apple Watch was designed to be compatible with the iPhone 6, 6s, and 5s. Apple watch is said to be much more useful than any other watch since it has a built in GPS and can take calls and texts. However, the battery life has fallen to a minimum with all of the charging that has to be done.

The IPhone 6 shares fewer similarities with the previous iPhones.

However, all 3 websites that were supposed to take preorders for the IPhone 6, glitched horribly when the pre-ordering began. So many people were ordering it, that the websites that supported the preorders just crashed.

When Shawn K was asked about the new IPhone, he stated he was not interested in purchasing it. “Apple is never on par with the game, they are always either behind or ahead of it. I looked at a nexus phone from 2012 that had the same capabilities of the IPhone 6.”

When asked whether she would purchase the new IPhone 6, Julia L stated, “I’m going to get it because it’s going to be better than the 5s. It’s going to have more storage and data.”

Many people have decided to get the 6 because the 6+’s size is a major turnoff for current IPhone 5 users. Apple is beginning to enter the “era of the phablet” as many technology reviewers have decided. The IPhone 6 currently costs $849 without a contract. However, the IPhone 5c or 5s can currently be bought for $20 and paid off in increments of $10 per month.

This fact brings much doubt as to whether to wait until it’s cheaper, or buy the IPhone while it’s at its peak price.